unique things of nepal

4 Things Must See and Experience of Nepal | 4 unique things of Nepal

4 Things Must See and Experience of Nepal

Discovering a new country is always a pleasant feeling. And if it is one with the exoticism and mystery of Nepal Lets see and experience 4 unique things of Nepal.

1. The Beauty of Rhinos

Seeing these armored unicorns is always cause for rejoicing, and more so if it is in freedom, in their own habitat, while enjoying a bath under the scorching sun of the Nepalese jungle or entertaining themselves by chewing fresh green shoots.

The natural park of Chitwan is the place to go to see rhinos, elephants and even tigers, if we’re lucky.

This great natural park is a piece of the Nepalese jungle, very different from the image of the mountainous Nepal, and in this small country there are three very different areas, both in landscape and climate: the Himalayan mountain, the great central plain and the dense jungle.

unique things of nepal
unique things of nepal

The natural park of Chitwan is the ideal place to enjoy nature in its purest state, and it is not yet well known in the international circuit, without large masses of tourists and at more than interesting prices.

2. The Monumentality of Bhaktapur

The great royal squares of Kathmandu, or Durbar, are the most beautiful places to visit in Nepal and surrounding areas. Created for the sons of the reigning king in the sixteenth century, they are a combination of royal palace, food market and cult temples where we will find the most authentic image of the great capital.

The three main Durbar are the KathmanduBhaktapur and Patan, although the prettiest and largest they say is that of Bhaktapur. In it you will find four different places, each with its unique hallmark.

unique things of nepal
unique things of nepal

In the main square, easily recognizable as the largest, you will see the ruins of a couple of temples that gave way after the 2015 earthquake.

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3. The Monkeys Pillage in the Temple of the Monkeys

In Asia it is easy to find monkeys in Buddhist temples, as happened to me in Sri Lanka.

In Kathmandu it was not going to be less, and there is still a temple known as that of the monkeys.

It is the 
Buddhist temple of Swayambhunath , and your visit is more than obligatory if we want to have a unique perspective of Kathmandu, because from the top of the mountain in which this Buddhist stupa is erected, there is one of the best views on the whole city.

The climb to the top of the temple is a little hard, with dozens of stairs, but monkeys will always be there to liven up our ascent to the heavens, or to make things a little more difficult while trying to open our backpack or steal something from our pockets.

unique things of nepal
unique things of nepal

In spite of the pillows that these monkeys are, one finishes them taking affection for the monkeys that they are.

4. The Flavor of Momos

If you have to define Nepali cuisine in a word, it would be momos (not monkeys). The momos are boiled empanadillas that can be stuffed with a dough based on meat or vegetables, and are always accompanied by a spicy sauce.

They are very similar to the Japanese gyozas, although with a thicker mass and a more forceful filling.

It’s worth mentioning makes the mouth water to anyone who has tasted them, and they can be tasted at any time of the day, either as breakfast, as a starter for lunch or for dinner.

unique things of nepal
unique things of nepal

Visiting Nepal is synonymous with enjoying this delicious dish.

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