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Tricky Riddles That Can Hang Your Brain

Tricky Riddles That Can Hang Your Brain. You will definitely get in trouble for one time if your IQ level is slightly lower. If you solve the answer readers, then you get to know your IQ level and brain sharpness.

Do you like it when the growth stops? When the revenues go down? When your profits go down? When your market share goes down? When your customer loyalty decreases? No…? Then watch this video on the importance of innovation. in this video I’m going to explain to you how important it is in this VUCA world to innovate for seven reasons. Especially now because in so many markets it is game on or game over!

Let’s start with some clarity on innovation. I like to make things simple: innovation is doing new things or things in a new way we’re defining it also as things in a new way. It opens the door to process innovation, service innovation, business model innovation, innovation of custom experiences, or even social innovation.

With these free how-to-innovate videos, I like to make YOU a great innovator. Now why am I the guy to explain the importance of innovation? I have written five books on innovation and I’m a LinkedIn influencer with 330,000 followers. Now what kind of mindset is at this moment dominant in your organisation? Is it

  • 1. a production mindset?
  • 2. A sales mindset?
  • 3. A marketing mindset? or
  • 4. an innovation mindset?

Do me a favour now. Type in production, sales, marketing, or innovation here in the comments, so I can see what the dominant mindsets are in your company. The world is changing dramatically. It is a VUCA world. VUCA is an acronym. It stands for: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The term was first used by the American army. It’s so volatile the speed goes up and up and up and up.

It’s uncertain because who of us can still predict the future? It’s complex especially when you work in a worldwide economy.there are so many factors you have to interpret. And it’s ambiguous. There is a great fuzziness and vagueness in all those new ideas and terminology. Now in this VUCA world it’s hard to survive. And you don’t want to end up like Eastman Kodak, or like Nokia, or like Blackberry, or like Hertz car rental. They just filed for bankruptcy with 700,000 rental cars in the US.

No you don’t want that. In the last century companies could be big for hundred years. In this century companies only tend to be big for ten years. Now you can event alone but you can only innovate together. That’s why an innovation mindset is so important. Operational excellence gives you the profits of today. But it is innovation excellence that gives you

  • 1. higher revenues,
  • 2. increased profits,
  • 3. new customers,
  • 4. a higher market share,
  • 5. increased customer loyalty,
  • 6. it motivates your people, and
  • 7. it makes your company a great place to work.

That’s why innovation is important. Now when you are already in a crisis mindset, then watch this movie “How to innovate in a crisis”. For the rest of you I wish you lots of success getting an innovation mindset in your organisations and to grow for innovation excellence.

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