Top 5 Tools for Website Owners that Everyone Should Use

Top 5 Tools For Website Owners | It is a very complex work to maintain any website if you are have own website. So today we have listed some top rated tools to grow your website easily.

So you need to know top 5 tools for website owners.

First of all I want to tell you that if you are a owner of any website then you should know that how much hard to maintain any website. Yes it is very complicated work to maintain any site and give a good result.

But you can make it easy with some right tools and hard work. It is compulsory to work hard otherwise you can’t do anything meaningful in any website. So you need to read this article very carefully “Top 5 Tools for Website Owners”.

So first of all I want to tell you that you can work easily on any website because it totally depends on your smartness. You can use some tools to make your very easy. So if you are looking for these tools then you are at a good place.

Top 5 Tools for Website Owners that Everyone Should Use

So without spending any time lets start now and look at

Top 5 tools for website owners :

1. Google Analytics :

So first tool is Google Analytics for website owners. It is totally free and provided by Google. If you are a owner of any site then you need to know that how many traffic is coming on your site and what is reactions of visitors on your site.

If you want to grow your site then you must know all Analytics of your site. So Google providing this totally free so you don’t need to spend money for it. You can simply login login there with your Gmail Id.

After that you need to add your site there , after adding site they will provide you a meta tag HTML. You need to paste it in your site. Now Google Analytics can access your site easily and give you a correct analysis result in seconds.

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Google Analytics will provide your site visitors on daily , weekly , monthly and yearly basis. It will also provide you all details about visitors like average time on pages , traffic sources , devices details etc.

Google Analytics also tell you that how people’s reacts on your site as bounce Rate. Yes they can also provide you bounce Rate details. You can see that how many times your site’s pages opened by a visitor. So you can think about your site and repair any issue.

2. Ahrefs or SemRush :

If you have a budget to spend on tools then you must need to use ahrefs account. It will provide you all tips to grow your site easily because it have a complete system to maintain any site.

You can spend money on it because I will give you much more in return. If you don’t have budget to spend money on these tools then you can use semrush.

It is also a paid tool but they provide you 10 free attempts daily so you can take benefit of this. SemRush and ahrefs works on same method and provide you some similar results.

Use of Ahrefs and SemRush :

Fist of all you need to know that semrush and ahrefs also analysis your site and then tell you that which mistake is happening with your site so you can do it right.

They also provide you all data of your site like visitors , back links , linked site’s , ranking in world etc.

These tools also provide you a full report of your competitors so you can easily beat them. You can also check others site’s performance and also see their back links and linked site’s.

Here you can also do keyword research because they will also provide you keyword research tool.

So if you have these tools then you can do complete research of your site and improve it’s performance that will help you to make professional.

3. Graphic Design Tool :

Here I will not tell you about a particular toll but I will tell you importance of them. You should use traffic tools to grow your site because there is a high risk to use any picture and traffic from anywhere.

If you I’ll go for Photoshop then it will take so many time many a single graphic. So I recommend you to use online graphic tools to make graphic for your site.

Here you can make any graphic in seconds because they have a pre set temples for you to do make professional graphic.

So if you will use graphic tools then you can save too many time and you can use this time work anywhere. They also provide you royalty free graphics so you can these graphics without spending money.

Here I have a list of some free and best graphic tools :

4. Use Search Console :

It is mandatory for your site to use Search Console of every search engine that available on internet. If you want to rank your articles on search engines then you need to use their search console regularly.

If you will don’t use their search console then they will unable to find your articles and pages that you have posted on your site. So first of all you need to login in their search console then you need to add your site their.

After that you need to add sitemap and robot.txt of your site their. After that they can easily detect your all posts and pages that you have posted on your site. So if you will use this tool then you can easily index your articles in search engines.

You can use Search engines like Google , Yandex , Bing , Baidu etc.

5. Use Grammarly or Plagiarism Checker :

You must need to use these two tools if you want to make your site different from others. I know that you are not copying any content from others site but need to know that there are so many writers in world who are writing articles regularly on their site’s.

So any of your lines can match with their lines so Plagiarism will show this as copyright issue. So you need to use Plagiarism Checker for every article that you are writing and if it will show you a issue then you can make a miner change in it then your article will be 100% unique.

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It will help you to rent your articles in search engines in first page and top of search ranks. After that you also need to use Grammarly tool to check your articles spelling mistakes.

If any of your spelling will be incorrect then it will warn you and also suggest you right spelling. So you do right your mistakes with this tool. It also helps you to rank faster your articles in search console.

So these are my top 5 tools for website owners that every website should use. If you will follow these 5 tools then they will make your life very easy.

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