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How to Get and Stay Motivated : Scientific Guide on Motivation

Motivation is as tricky as it is powerful. Sometimes it becomes very easy to Motivate yourself, but if we look at the other aspect, sometimes it becomes impossible to Motivate yourself. After all, why is there such a difference in motivation? You will find this page. Motivating is very important for everyone and if you want to motivate yourself and your team, then you must understand the depth of motivation.

In this article, we will tell you how you can keep yourself and your team motive for a long time and teach them motivation continuously. In this article we will cover what is motivation and what are the ways to keep yourself motive always.

What is motivation

According to the scientist Motivation is a curiosity in you to fulfill your desires. When this curiosity to fulfill your desires becomes stronger, we give it the name of Motivation. Motivation gives us the latter to work. In simple words, Motivation completely depends on our psychological condition.

When we are Motivate, our Psychology only motivates us to think positive but when our Motivation is down then it goes upside down and we start thinking Negative. As we know when we think positive then our power to work and fulfill our desires increases and on the contrary negative thinking reduces our ability to work.

How to always keep yourself motive

There can be lots of ways to motivate yourself and your team. As we have already told you that it depends on your psychological condition, so you have to force yourself and your team’s psychology to think positively. When a person tries to meet his target, he also tries to keep himself motive so that he can reach his goal quickly.

In this journey, a person loses his patience and finds ways to stay motive in different places, but in this article you will find all the ways with which you can always keep yourself motive.

Schedule your motivation

Every person who wants to keep himself motivated and wants to achieve his goals quickly, then it is very important to make a schedule for his motivation. Every successful person who has reached the heights has always had a worker from a Shahdol. It is certain that you will be motive only when you change your behavior. If you have been working with your old behavior, you can never be motive.

If you want to keep yourself and your team motive, then you have to change your behavior and make a schedule for yourself. If you are serious about your goal, then you need to make a right schedule to complete it before the scheduled time. When you make a schedule, then the reservation inside you is over and you get inspiration to work from within yourself. The motivation to work from within ourselves is called Motivation.

Make Motivation a Habit

If you always want to stay Motivated, then you have to make it your habit. To make full stop Motivation your habit, 3 easy rules are followed.

  • The first rule says that you should do every work under a plan. If you start a task without thinking, then you can never stay motive. Stop if you want to do any kind of work, then first of all you need to have knowledge of it otherwise it is your problem Motivation will fall down at all. It becomes important for you to make a free plan to do any work and do it accordingly. The plan always keeps you motive and inspires your mind to think positively.
  • The second rule states that you must keep thinking from the beginning of your project to the final goal. If there is always a result of any task in your mind, then you will do that work in an interesting way. The simple meaning of motivation means that you have to maintain your interest in any task. If you have to maintain interest in any work, then always think about the results that will happen and the benefits you will get.
  • Rule third says that you always follow both the above roles. Whenever you start a task, make a pre-plan before it and work accordingly. After that, while working, you always have to think about its result and the resultant benefits which will always keep you motive.

Other ways to stay motive

Get a good sleep
You always have to keep trying in this way that you must get a sound sleep every day at night. If you sleep very little everyday, your mind will fill you with worries. If you keep your mind worried then you can never motivate yourself so you must always get enough sleep.

Practice more
If you are not able to succeed in any task, then you should try to increase the practice a little more than what you were doing earlier. If you practice more every day, then your positive results will increase day by day and you will definitely become motive.

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