5 Promises of God We Want to Know

Everyone knows that God has created us but to believe and live according to them is a very difficult task even today. We all know that God has created this creation but still some people refuse to believe it. In this article today, we will tell you 5 such promises of God that every person wants to know.

Promises of God

If we want to know the promises of God then we need to read the Bible. When we read the Bible we find many chapters in which God has made many promises. But the biggest question is that either we do not understand those promises or we are unable to follow them.

We are never alone

When no one wants us like siblings parents or family members. At such a time, God or the divine is the only way we think about. We know very well that the people of the world can leave us at any time but God never leaves us. It is also true that we are not able to do any work without selfishness, but when it comes to faith in God, then we are engaged in devotion without selfishness.

Now we can understand that we are never alone but God is always with us. When a person cheats on us or no one wants us, our heart and mind only think about the divine and seek help from them.

God loves you unconditionally

As everyone knows we live in a world full of only and only sin. Every person here neither wants nor helps anyone without selfishness. By living in such a world, we feel that we will find someone who understands us and tries to fulfill our feelings. Even after our best efforts, we do not find such a person in this world who wants us selflessly and tries to understand us internally.

After all, only God is the one who keeps loving us selflessly. God’s love is eternal and everlasting. As we know God loves us selflessly because he does not expect anything from us and he has created this creation of ours.

God and our relationship is sacred

As we know, God has sent us to this world and he has created this creation. Apart from this, we have also come from God and are going back to God only after death. In simple words, our soul is a form of God and it is going to leave our body and go back to God. This is why God always loves us selflessly and always helps us in suffering.

Happiness is a part of life. When we are happy we thank God and when we are sad we keep cursing God. You need to understand that happiness is a part of life and we have to live it because God is always with us.

God knows us and made us with a clear intention

Not only man but God has made every living being and has made man the best among them. God is the creator of this creation, so giving us human form and so much intelligence, there is definitely some intention of God behind it. God makes us in the womb of the mother and after that we decide a time period of our life.

According to the Bible God is the one who makes us and He is the one who takes us back from here. So we can say that the person who created us knows us well. This is why God knows us perfectly and we cannot hide anything from them.

God is well aware of who you are

In childhood, we were taught that we have been made by God and he is preparing a plan for us. It may mean that I know God well and he has brought us into this world only because of a certain plan. Although there are many people in this world who believe in religion, but God is the only and only one.

We worship God in different forms but we can never forget that He is the only one. As we say that God is one, then it becomes very important for us to be selflessly engaged in his service.

The Bibles help us understand God’s promises and intentions. If we adopt the words and ways of God from Bible studies in our lives, then our prosperity is absolutely certain. The most important promise of God is that he wants us selflessly and knows us well. If we know that God has made us, then we cannot hide anything from God, so it becomes very important for us to follow the laws of God.

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