Never Stop Praying ! God Promises You are Not Alone

God has made many promises to us and he also keeps them. Many people say that God does not support us in times of sorrow but we should never stop praying.

As everyone knows, happiness and sorrow are a part of this life and it is necessary for us to live with strength. If we blame God and stop praying then it is our biggest mistake.

5 Promises of God

Therefore, all religious gurus advise that we should never stop praying because God is always with us. Today we will tell you what promises God has made to us and he also fulfills them. If we study the Bible studies, we get many clear promises of God which he always keeps. Praying to God becomes very important for us to run our life smoothly and to concentrate our attention.

God’s plan is to make you rich, not to harm

As we know this world is full of sins and people commit countless sins throughout the day. God forgives man’s mistakes and sins very easily. If we look at the tendency of man, he does very wrong things but God forgives them easily. As we know, God makes us the most intelligent of all creatures, but we have to do good deeds to make ourselves prosperous.

God has made us superior among all intellectuals, it means that he wants our prosperity and not wants to harm us. God has made us superior but it is only in our hands to maintain that superiority.

God is telling you to fight risk

As we know that God created us with some definite intention, then we need to understand that intention. God promises us to remain spirit believers forever. There are many difficulties in our life but at that time only faith stands with us and that is necessary for us.

We need to face every difficulty of our life with confidence. It is not necessary that God has made us, therefore only happiness will be seen in our life, but God has made us superior to face many troubles. Realizing our duty, we have to face every problem and try to do a little good to other beings as well. Our lives can be successful only when we properly perform the duty given by God.

You have faith

As we all know, God has made us superior among all intellectuals and we can have faith that we can face any difficulty. If we face any great difficulty, then we can easily face it with confidence. On the other hand, if we lose our faith, then we make easy difficulty or even very difficult task. God says that no other power exists in this creation more than the soul that human beings can believe.

God sure hears your prayers

God does support us in happiness and sorrow but he also motivates us to fight hardships. If we ask God for something with a true heart, then he definitely fulfills our vow. God always listens to our prayers but does not necessarily stop us from fighting hardships and fulfill our vow with just a little prayer.

God gives us the power of soul belief and also compels us to use it. We also have an obligation to use the faith that we can have and face all difficulties. If we do not succeed even after that, then God definitely completes the prayer made with honest heart.

Hope always lives by faith

If we believe in something, then we always have the hope that that work will definitely happen. If we have faith in God, we always pray to him and our faith always keeps us optimistic. If we ask for something from God, then our faith also increases and we get the hope that we will do this work easily and God will definitely provide with us. Faith in God makes our soul confidence stronger and motivates us to face any difficulty.

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