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You Should Never Lose Hope in Life ! But Why ?

If you want to get something, never leave your hope and keep it alive forever. If we want to achieve any achievement in life, then we need to work very hard and at the same time we have to be disciplined. In order to achieve any achievement in life, it is very important for us to have patience as well as determination.

Many times, even after following all these things, when we feel despair, we lose our hope. You need to know that losing hope is the biggest enemy and sorrow in our life. Therefore, the result comes out that if we want to earn a name in life or achieve any achievement, then we always have to be optimistic.

Everyone has difficulties in their way of life but we need to face them firmly. Any person who is successful in the present time or has achieved great achievement, they have not found it so easily. He too has had to face many troubles to come to this stage but he never lost his hope. If we have to complete our goals in our life and achieve something, we may have to lose a lot but if we lose hope then what we have is also gone away from us.

Determination , Patience and Hope , These are the three things that always accompany a person to get his achievements, but if we leave all three, then what we already have goes away. If you are having a bad time in your life, there can be two aspects to it. A bad time in your life can make you stronger and weaker. Now it depends on you how optimistic you are. If you never get your hopes up then the struggles and troubles that come in life make you stronger.

On the contrary, if you lose your hope due to a little struggle and trouble, then it makes you weak from inside. It is essential for every human being that if he always keeps his mind ready to fight troubles and always keeps himself motive then he can achieve his achievements very easily. Struggles and difficulties in life are a part of life, we have to face them firmly. Problems will continue to come in life and hands and feet will also continue, but this thing does not matter at all.

The period does not matter how many times you have failed, but the matter does what you have done with those mistakes and failures. has learned. Whenever you fail in a task, then you need to learn something from it and do that task with skill in the next time. If you keep doing this, then soon you will reach the heights of your life.


If you have lost hope due to any reason in your life, then you must think about baby giraffe once. If you haven’t heard of Baby Giraffe’s story then we tell you. When a child of a giraffe is born, he falls to the ground from a very high height and goes into unconsciousness because the giraffe is very high. But soon after birth, the mother kicks her baby giraffe very fast and the baby giraffe falls away.

When he is not found at all, the mother kicks him once more, which makes the baby giraffe understand that if he does not move or break, he will continue to suffer such a dangerous injury. Even if Baby starts playing a little, his mother keeps hitting him again and again until he stands on his feet and starts running.

The mother of the baby giraffe knows that there are many animals in the forest that are ready to feed their children. So the giraffe wants her baby to escape from the jungle animals because she cannot protect or live with it all the time. Therefore, you can also learn from this that if you stand up like a baby boy and leave your struggle and fear behind and start working, then you can touch the heights of your life very easily.

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