Best Tips to Increase Battery Life of Your Mobile | Top 10 Methods

Best Tips to Increase Battery Life of Your Mobile | we know that we have some most powerful and mind blowing mobiles these days. But there is problem with some mobiles that they don’t have sufficient battery to perform better.

Most of mobiles have good processors , gps system , internet connectivity and many more but they don’t have suitable battery. So we need to manage battery power of our mobiles.

You know that processors , high resolution and brightness screens , better internet connectivity will consume more battery of our mobile. But there are so many mistakes that we do when we are using mobiles.

So today we will know these mistakes and solve then to increase battery life of your mobile. A good battery will give you a good feeling for your mobiles because no one want to charge mobile battery more than one time in a single day.

Everyone want that he will charge his battery in night and he can use it in whole day. So you will go for a long battery life mobile but you don’t get more good things if you will do these mistakes.

How to Increase Battery Life of your Mobile :

Best Tips to Increase Battery Life of Your Mobile | Top 10 Methods
Best Tips to Increase Battery Life of Your Mobile | Top 10 Methods

1. See What’s consuming Most Power

If you are a mobile user the you need to manage your all apps that installed in your mobile. So first of all go to your mobile’s setting and then go to battery power option.

Here you will found all applications and systems that are consuming your mobile’s battery power. So check here that which app is consuming your most of power.

If this app is not special for you then you can uninstall it and increase battery power of your mobile.

Here you can check that which system of your mobile is consuming unnecessary power of your mobile’s battery. Now you can decide to deactivate particular system.

You can save mobile’s battery by this method to increase battery life of your mobile.

2. Reduce Social Media Application’s Polling

You need to know a important thing about social media apps that they are always running in your mobile. If you have installed any social media app then it will run automatically in your mobile in background till you don’t have deactivate it.

So you need to stop polling of social media apps like facebook , email , whatsapp , instagram etc. if you will getting notifications from these apps without opening then you can make sure that they are running in background.

So first of all go to these apps setting and disable their manual system. You can stop them to run in background to increase battery life of your mobile.

3. Turn Unnecessary Hardware Radious off

You know that every mobile in this time have most of features in one place. Every good mobile have gps , internet , wifi , hotspot , bluetooth and much more.

But you know that you don’t need all of these systems at same time or whole day. So you need to deactivate all of then systems that you don’t need to save battery of mobile.

You can also increase battery life of your mobile through this method.

4. Enable Power Saving Mode

Yes it is a great feature of all mobiles that we can save battery life of mobile through power saving mode. But most of people don’t use this feature. If you are don’t using your mobile then you need to enable power saving mode of your mobile.

Power saving mode will limit to work for any apps and softwares. It will disable all extra apps that are running in your mobile. It will deactivate all hardwares from your mobile to save battery life of your mobile.

5. Turn Off all Background Apps

Everyone using mobile and everyone using so many apps in mobile but they are doing a mistake. We use all apps but we don’t off them.

We always cut apps directly but we don’t know that these apps are running in background and consuming battery power.

So after a fix time you need to turn off all history of your used apps. If you will do this then these apps will be disabled. So you can easily save battery power to increase battery life of your mobile.

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6. Don’t use Unnecessary widgets and animation Wallpapers

If you are a beginner in mobile life then you definitely need to look smart your mobile. So you will use some animated wallpapers and widgets on your home screen.

You don’t know that how must power these widgets and animated wallpapers can consume. So first of all remove all widgets from your mobile’s home screen that you don’t need.

You can use a simple theme for a wallpaper for your mobile. I will suggest you to don’t use animated wallpapers in your mobile because it will take so many storage and power of your battery.

Soo if you want too save mobile battery then you never do this mistake.

7. Use Auto Brightness Mode

If you are serious to your mobile’s battery life then you need to use suitable brightness or auto brightness mode in mobile. You know that most of power of your mobile’s battery consumed by screen.

In new mobiles we can get full hd and high resolution screens so this tip is very important to save battery life of your mobile.

You can use auto brightness mode so it will automatically manage brightness of your mobile’s screen. So you can save mobile’s battery to increase battery life of your moblie.

8. Always Update Mobile Software and Apps

This is also a important step to save mobile’s battery power because it will play a great role indirectly. If you are not updating apps of your mobile then they will work hard. So they will also get more power to run continuously.

If you have a new update for your mobile then you need to update it. Because if you are using your mobile in old version then it will work badly and hardly. So it will get more power to work.

So you can update your mobile’s version to save mobile’s battery to increase battery life of your mobile.

9. Signal Strength is Important

If you don’t have a good strength of signal then your mobile will work hardly and it will affect your mobile’s battery. If you want to save mobile’s battery then you need to prevent from bad strength of cellular network.

If you will use your mobile in good strength cellular network then it will get data and network easily and you can increase battery life of your mobile.

10. Buy a Battery Case

It is strange to hear about battery case. But it is very important for your mobile’s battery life because it can increase battery life of your mobile.

Battery cases will help you to prevent from consuming your mobile’s battery from unnecessary apps and hardware. So you can easily use your battery for long time. It will also save your mobile’s battery from any damage.

Conclusion :
So this is my article to save mobile’s battery to increase battery life of your mobile. If you are a mobile user then it is necessary for you to save battery power of your mobile so mobile can performance better than expected.

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