The Importance of ‘Our Father’ in the Lord’s Prayer

God made many kinds of requests to him from the head of Jesus. One of those requests was that he be told about his father. Surely this is the sura must have been happy to hear this because those who wanted to enlighten their disciples were doing the same thing that they were requesting to them. May consider as a father. When we pray to God, we become a little closer to him and experience our father.

What is the importance of father in our life, Jesus Christ told his disciples. When we pray to God, we try to connect our soul with God and this proved to be a link in reconciling us to our father ie God. it happens. You will get to know from this article what is the real importance of father in this human form of life. We will tell you how the Lord Jesus Christ mentioned the importance of the Father in our lives to his followers.

What is the importance of father in this life

When Jesus was asked by his followers, who is our father, it is obvious that the question must have come as to why and how the father is important in this life. Let us know why and how the father ultimately matters in our lives.

Father gives us access

Because we are children of this God, we get the right to worship him and sit at his feet. God gives us access to pray and sit at His feet without any selfishness. We can ask God for anything and try to serve him. When we pray to God, we do not mix our souls with God alone but with our father because he is the father of all of us.

We can ask for anything and pray to God anywhere anytime of the day because God gives us complete freedom that we can remember Him anytime and He is always with us. Because God is always near us, so we also get confidence and have the access to work according to our will.


We experience intimacy with God our Father because he always wants to give us happiness. He wants us to share our every moment and every feeling with him. He wants us to share our happiness with him and also share our fears and our intentions with him. Because he is our father, he always wants to give us love and make us successful. Our father i.e. God always wants to see us at heights and wants to keep happy because he is attached to our soul.

Whenever we feel alone in this world, it is only God who wants to give us love as a father. Only our father is the one who wants to give us happiness without selfishness and wants to share with us every moment. God is attached to our most intimate, so He always wants to keep us happy. In a way we can say that God always gives us a feeling of intimacy and helps to build our confidence. Because our soul is directly connected with God, so we should always try to share our feelings with God while hiding nothing. When we share our problems with God, our burden becomes lighter.

Father recognizes us

Think for once, how lucky you are that you are getting the chance that you can say that you are a child of God. We can be absolutely sure that we are the children of God and he is our father. It is a matter of great pride. Because we are children of God, we can be sure that he will always take care of us. We are God’s own so he always wants to keep us happy and also take care of us.

A father recognizes his children and every child acquires his identity from a father. Generally we see that we give names to children but they are identified by their father only. Whenever we talk about a child, we say that this child belongs to that person, that is, his father talks about it. So obviously a father gives a special identity to any human being, that is, his offspring. Every child is lucky whose father is alive and gets recognition from him. God is our father, so he is immortal forever. Our father is with us throughout our life.

We have to honor our father

It is a matter of great luck that we can rest assuredly say that we are children of God. That is, we get the right that we can honor and speak God as our father, what can be greater and a gift than this. It is also our responsibility that the honor that we are fair to be children of God, we must also worship God as our father.

We need to honor our father and God always needs to feel close to us. Whenever we are in trouble, we remember our father, so whenever we get happiness, we should share that happiness with our father.

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