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If you also want to join , then you need to follow the guest post rules and terms given in this page.

Guest Post
Guest Post

So if you are interested in becoming a guest writer of our blog, then proceed to share your valuable post and become a guest writer of our blog.

Benefits of Guest Post Write on

If you submit guest post to our blog then you will get the following benefits –

  1. Your article will be published with your name and picture.
  2. You will also have an identity in the Internet.
  3. If you have a blog, then you will get high quality DoFollow backlinks from my blog. That too is not 1 but 2 backlinks. The first 1 backlink home page of your blog will be found on the author box and 1 backlink , You can give an Anchor text link to any post on your blog in your guest post.
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  5. If your writing skill is good and you can write a quality post then you can become a regular author of , through which you can earn.

Guest Posting Rules and Terms

If you want your guest post to be published on blog, then we will have to follow some of our rules and term :

  1. Your guest article should be handy-to-work 500+ word.
  2. Your article’s quality should be good means you did not write any such post.
  3. Keep track of the user flow while writing the article.
  4. Use bullet point, heading etc in the article and write it short paragraph.
  5. Work-in-the-counter image should definitely be in your article, if you are using Tutorial etc.
  6. If you write, you have to send an image according to the post decoration.
  7. Do not use copyright content, and do it somewhere, then mention it.
  8. Add related to the post, just add outbound link, do not add unwanted link.
  9. Your post language should be in English.
  10. You can read some posts from our blog, which will give you the idea of ​​writing a post.
  11. You can write articles of following topics at Blog.
  • Technology(All the Subtopic like – SEO,Tips & Tricks,Computer,Internet etc)
  • Educational(All the Subtopic like – Exam,Guide,books etc)
  • Spiritual(All the Subtopic like – Mantras,Books,story etc)

If your article follows most of these rules and terms then your guest post will be published within 24 hours. If you do not know the category, then you choose default category technology.

How to Submit Guest Post :

You can submit us via email at the guest post.

You can save the guest post by typing in Microsoft Word or Notepad or HTML format, you can attach your image to the word or HTML file or send it separately if you do not. You can also send / write yourself about yourself in 150 words and if you have any notes relented then you can send them also. You can mail me your post at

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