Why Google Adsense Application Rejected | Common Adsense Rejection Reasons

Why Adsense Application Rejected Common Adsense Rejection Reasons | Hello guys my name is Sunil Kumar Ghaswan.

I am going to discuss a serious issue at this time because most of people making mistake in every area. We know that no one read privacy policy and terms & conditions of any site.

So it is a simple reason that if we don’t know rules of any site then we never success on particular site. So today we will discuss that why google adsense application rejected several times.

When we apply for approval on adsense then we get a adsense rejection mail from them. Why Google Adsense Application rejected ? It is not a complex question but many people make it a serious issue.

So first of all I want to tell you that before applying on Google Adsense , you need to read all terms and conditions of them. If you are unable to understand them then read this article carefully.

If you are a blogger then your first way to make money will be Google Adsense. So first of all you need to know about all criteria of Google Adsense to apply for approval.

Many people don’t know about these things and they also want a Google Adsense approval. It is a common sense that Google Adsense will definitely reject your application if you don’t know their conditions.

Today we will discuss some common issues that people don’t know properly. They know about these terms but they are unable to solve these problems so today I will help you to solve these problems.

So without wasting any time let’s start now.
First of all you need to know that What is Google Adsense and How does Google Adsense Works ?

What is Google Adsense ?

Google Adsense is a advertising platform for publishers. In simple way Google Adsense is a best opportunity for bloggers and youtubers to start making money online from site or youtube channel.

First thing , Google Adsense is only for Publishers. Google Adsense provide you a opportunity to make money easily on internet.

Google Adsense is oldest company and also trusted company to serve ads. Here you can also get ad codes in different styles as you want.

Why Google Adsense Application Rejected | Common Adsense Rejection Reasons
Why Google Adsense Application Rejected | Common Adsense Rejection Reasons

How does Google Adsense Works ?

After know about Google Adsense , you have a question that How does Google Adsense works worldwide.

Now I want to tell you that if you are a creator then you can join adsense because they don’t have a complex programme. Google AdWords take over add companies to collect their ads and deals.

After that Google Adsense serve these ads on several sites and youtube channels. So with this method Google Adsense can easily handle this system all over world.

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Common Adsense Rejection Reasons :

There are too many reasons that Google Adsense rejected application of Approval for site or YouTube channel. Here we will only talk about sites. We will discuss some major reasons of rejection on adsense.

1. Insufficient Articles or Content :

This reason is very common because every time when google reject your adsense application then they will give you this reason.

I know that most of people write 5-10 articles on their site and then they applied for approval on adsense. But it is not a correct way because you can think that why Google Adsense giving you approval.

They need reach and unique articles on your site. You have written many articles like 20 to 30 posts but adsense can decline you application. So you need to know that what means about sufficient content. I recommend you that you need to give your best effort to write a article.

2. Copyright Material in Articles :

If you are using any content of any site then you never can get a approval from Google Adsense. Keep in mind that you can never copy any content of others on your site.

You need to make unique articles on your blog. Many people are using spinning tools but we know that Google is more smart than us. They can easily detect that we are using copyrighted content from anywhere else because all thinks that on Google are stored in their database.

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Many people using images from Google. It is also a wrong decision by them because images also included in copyright material. Everything that you are using in your articles must be unique and yours.

3. Site Design is Important :

After discussion about Articles , you need to Make a Good looking website. It is possible only when you are using a good theme for your site. If you are using wordpress then you can use newspaper theme by tagDiv.

If your site’s design will be good like clear navigation , proper menus , sufficient pages , proper header and footer etc then you can easily get adsense approval. One important thing is that your theme must be mobile and desktop friendly.

4. Create Sufficient Pages :

Many people done this mistake because they don’t know about these pages importance. You must need to create some compulsory pages named as About Us , Disclaimer , Contac Us , Terms & Conditions , Privacy Policy etc.

You need to properly manage these pages for your site with site information. If you don’t make these pages then Google will detect your site like a spam.

So first of all you need to create these pages with right information. Please don’t tell fake information in these pages otherwise you will never get a Google Adsense approval.

If you are unable to understand my tips then you can visit our YouTube video :

So these are some Adsense Application Rejection Reasons. If you also want to get Google Adsense approval then you must need to escape from these common mistakes.

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