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If religious people want us to believe in God, then the burden of proof is on them. not just to prove God exists, but that their particular religion is the right one. they can’t do it. mostly because, at some level, religion relies on faith. but that’s never stopped them from trying to make their case for God. So to help them out, I thought I’d do them a favor. Here are 25 arguments they should just stop using because they don’t work.

Why 25? Well, because this video had to end at some point. The God of the Gaps! The argument goes like this: there’s something we don’t know about the world, therefore God did it. We can’t explain every single aspect of evolution, so God must have designed us. we can’t explain why a cancer patient survived, so God must have wanted her to live. But just because you don’t know everything doesn’t mean God has to be the default answer. that’s hardly a fair fight.

It just shifts our focus from something we don’t know to someONE we only think we know. It makes about as much sense as responding to “Where do rainbows come from?” With “An Invisible unicorn farted.” That didn’t help! You didn’t resolve anything! Now I just have more questions! The other problem is that, a lot of times, we find a natural explanation that makes more sense. Where did we come from?”

Was a pretty good question that people reasonably attributed to God for a long time because they didn’t know any better. then we found out about evolution and genes and DNA. the gaps got filled. The gaps always get filled eventually, at least when we’re talking about something that’s possible to figure out. Anyone who uses this argument needs to get comfortable with God becoming a smaller and smaller presence in everyone’s lives. The leap of faith! This is when people tell you, “If you want proof of God, you have to start by taking a leap of faith.”

Just believe! Then God will prove His existence to you. Somehow. But for anyone to believe God exists — at least the way most Christians see Him — just think about all the huge assumptions they’re making. Because it’s never just A leap of faith to believe in God. It’s a lot of leaps. It’s like hopping through a canyon. You shouldn’t need to jump that much. Think about this: You have to believe there’s a supernatural realm to our universe. And that there are beings in that supernatural realm. And that they have consciousness.

And that at least one of those beings is eternal. And that this being can create the universe. And that this being can mess with the universe afterwards through miracles and natural disasters. And that this being is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving.

And that this being really has strong opinions about you touching yourself. It’s hard to imagine any one of those things making sense. But people who want you to believe in God want you to accept all of those things — or maybe a lot more depending on what kind of God or Gods they believe in — and that’s before we even get into the specifics of their faith… like communion wafers.

The coin flip! There are seriously people who think we should believe in God, because either He exists or He doesn’t. Therefore, it’s 50/50! May the odds be with you. That is a seriously distorted version of Pascal’s Wager, which we’ll get to later. You might be thinking no one could possibly make that awful an argument. But I’m not making this up. Here is an example from one priest:

“What chance is there of God existing? Fifty-fifty. After all, either God exists or He doesn’t. But if he does and I believe, then I just won the jackpot!” That’s not how probability works! I mean, using his own analogy, that’s like saying I’m either going to win the lottery or I won’t, so I better play.

In fact, let’s just assume I’m a multi-millionaire. No! Not even close. We don’t know what the exact odds are of God existing, but when you consider all those leaps of faith we just talked about, they’re not good. They’re definitely not 50-50. Please stop using this argument and take a statistics class. God is just undetectable! There was a time when people said the gods lived on Mount Olympus, or on a throne in the sky, or in a volcano.

But as technology improved, it was easy to show there’s nothing in those mountains and no people in those volcanoes and nothing floating in the sky. And then people stopped believing that stuff. So what do people say now? God’s invisible. He’s undetectable. He’s outside of space and time.

You can’t meet Him until you’re dead. He’s quite literally untraceable, which is meant to stop us from even looking. The same thing happens with miracles, by the way. There was a time you could get away with saying God brought a dead man back to life! He helped a paraplegic person walk again. Someone lost an arm, but it grew back.

But when we have video cameras readily available on our phones, and doctors who can see what’s going on inside of you, and in your brain, it’s a lot harder to make those bizarre claims. That’s why modern miracles are mostly limited to things people have no way of testing. Believers put God out of our grasp on purpose.

Because if there was any way to test God, their lies would be obvious to everyone. God is intangible! Hey atheists, do you believe in love? Sure you do. But you can’t touch it or see it. So checkmate! God works the same way. Except love is not intangible. It’s a feeling. If we wanted to, we could literally see our brain acting differently when we’re in love.

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