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Action and then Motivation or Motivation and then Action

Action and then motivation, or motivation, and then action, what do you believe put you to the right track? Most of us think it is the second one . We think that we put ourselves in some action if only there is a source of motivation. Motivation fuels us to propel towards our actions. But actually, action and motivation are not two separate ideas where one follows the other.

They go hand in hand, or we may say that they are just the two sides of a coin. “How is it possible? How can we do something without getting motivated?” These questions now have started to pop up in your mind, right? You are absolutely right. Motivation obviously makes us do anything but it is not true that before we got motivated, we were in a sleeping state. Let’s dive deeper into the idea with one easy example. Remember those days when you got the grades of your dream.

You got a lot of appreciation. But have you got it before achieving your goal, or after? Each one of us set a goal, prepare a plan accordingly, and then put it into action. We meet our goal, and then it gets recognized by the people around us. All of us have already experienced it at different phases of our life. When we were in school and college, we aimed to have a good grade which earned us appreciation from our family members, friends, near & dear ones. After that, when we set foot to our career, we are awarded, praised and recognized for a target achieved or performance beyond expectation.

Both these made you motivated enough to move forward and keep working in a productive way. If you kept waiting for someone to motivate you so that you can work productively, would you have moved further? You wouldn’t have achieved what you have so far. It is your action that brings you motivation and thereby moves you to take further action. So this is an unending chain of a system where you will never be able to separate the two ideas, action, and motivation. Action earns you motivation, and motivation leads you to action. There must always be some action. We can never be in a state of inactiveness.

You can experience it from the basic examples from our everyday life. Can you go to your workplace or start working at home in the morning without washing yourself? Nobody will be there to motivate you in every task. If you think minutely, from the day beginning till the end, one of our actions leads to the next one and the next one to the following one. We spend our whole day working like this and enjoy having completed all our daily tasks on time. That is also a great source of motivation that at the end of the day, you feel satisfied and relaxed. Who has motivated you to do this?

No one, it’s you. So don’t wait for anything or anyone to motivate you. You put yourself in action; motivation will automatically follow your steps & vice versa.

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